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The Prequel to the Light and the Void Series, Stirring Embers, is now available to download for FREE.

Books in the Light and the Void Series

Book 1: Stirring Embers

Book 2: Skirting the Void

Book 3 of the Light and the Void Series, Order of the Light, by Willem Killian

Book 3: Order of the Light

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The conclusion of the Light and the Void Series will be available before Christmas 2021

Books 1 & 2, Stirring Embers, and Skirting the Void are already available on Amazon. You can read them for FREE through Amazon Kindle Unlimited, or buy-to-own.

Book 3, Order of the Light, will be available before X-mas!

23 Dec.



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The Light and the Void is a classic tale of Good versus Evil, Light vs Void, with unlikely heroes and larger than life villains. There's only one series better out there in my opinion - The Void Rising series.

Liam Starker, Co-Series Creator and Author of the Void Rising Series