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Willem Killian

The most successful best selling author in *Edinu (EVER), Willem Killian, is a human ex-primary school teacher who decided to pursue a career in writing when the Covid-19 Pandemic hit in 2020.

The idea was to get his daughters to start reading books during the hard lockdown. They refused, so he wrote a book where they were the main characters. The end result – Fortnite & COD won.

But the seed was planted & he thought that he could actually do this writing thing for a living. Time will tell if his superego was right or not…

Author Willem Killian with his gorgeous wife, Janine


Eleanor Kraye knows all about monsters.

She’s the one who brought notorious serial killer David ICK to justice. Cursed with what she calls “the Glitch” – Eleanor sees things from the corner of her eye that should not exist. The shadows and the secrets they hold don’t scare her, but then she witnesses a murder that defies belief. A murder committed in broad daylight on a busy New York street in front of hundreds of potential witnesses.

Eleanor is the only one who sees the killer.

A killer that defies logic.

A killer that should not exist.

A Thing.

A monster that has now followed her home.


Lifelong friends, Rosewater and Charlene, are forced to enter the world of myths & legends in search of Eleanor and Joanth.

Edinu might be the center of Creation, but also contains The Void – the birthplace of monsters – and it is always hungry…





Can a trio of humans and an alvur Tracker save Earth, and by extent all the known universes? Or, will The Dark prevail and not only claim their lives, but also their souls?



The biggest load of bull since people believed in the “good” of others. A tragic sop story, nothing more. I mean, I just had to get involved to save Willem K. from himself. He’s such a goody-goody…

– Liam Starker, Co-author of the Light & The void series


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July 23, 2021

Summer Book Signing • Edinu Farmer's Market, White Castle

Don’t be an alvur square! You don’t even have to bring ink and quill. The human will bring his own. Come and be amused!

August 10, 2018

"The Korgon" Book Reading • Silver Oaks Village, Edinu

Like a scary story? Come share in the chills & listen to Terra’s foremost storyteller read excerpts from the shocking tale of The Korgon – based on true events.

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