Free eBook Promotions for July 2021

Book Promotions for the month of July

Get your summer read on with over 50 free eBooks


Here are my top book promos for the month of July 2021

Every month I team up with other new and up-and-coming authors to promote our work. 

If you discover a great book/author that you love, PLEASE let me know (, so that I can build stronger relationships with these authors and participate in more of their book promos.

Happy reading!

(Ps: Click on the banner images to go to the promo.

Kickass Urban Fantasy Reads – enter fantastical new worlds!

Get over 30 FREE eBooks, from Epic to Urban Fantasy.

It’s Ya & NA Fantasy & Paranormal Giveaway time!

Get your hands on this giveaway of 32 FREE eBooks.

Not sure what you’re craving for?

Check out this book-gathering (genre mashup) giveaway with more than 30 FREE eBooks to choose from.

Neon and Necromancers: Urban Fantasy Group Giveaway

Get these FREE eBooks fast! This giveaway ends August 1st!

Like fantasy of all types? Have a look at the Genre-Bending Fantasy Giveaway – it might just have what you’re looking for!

There are almost 30 FREE eBooks to choose from!

Liam Starker's Book Promos

Remember that other guy I was telling you about? The black sheep? The writer who thinks he’s too cool to co-author a series with me? 

The one who chose the Void over the Light?

Well, that idiot has his own book promos. Sadly, there’s only two of them. You can grab a copy of Embracing the Void from these promos if you feel sorry for him – which you shouldn’t – he’s a self-absorbed ass – just like his characters…

(Only grab a copy if you like blood, gore, and f-bombs…)

Here’s a giveaway with over 50 FREE eBooks!

The Prequel to Liam Starker’s Void Rising Series, Embracing the Void, is part of the group promo. Go check it out if you like Dark Fantasy.

It’s the origin story of a monster…

Looking to ESCAPE?

Here’s a giveaway with over 24 FREE eBooks featuring portals to magical worlds.

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